Putting off tomorrow what could be done today

This has been my life story the past two years. Certain things in my life has gotten so difficult for one reason or another – friendships, family obligations,  and my state of health. I often find myself saying (or thinking), I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ve rescheduled countless personal NECESSARY appointments only to regret doing so.

Today, after having put it off in at least three separate occasions I write.  First: thank you to the new subscribes, likes, and visits. Things are a bit less predictable for me right now for a variety of reasons and so it’s easier to say thank you here then trying to write a response on each blog. Often I’ll read/view a blog and feel like a broken record saying thank you over and over again to those who come back frequently.  It seems disingenuous on my part and I don’t mean it to be.

I ran into one snag after another with Viajante. I ripped back I believe four times (thus far). After which common sense sat in and instead of repeatedly beating my head against a wall I walked through the door next to it. (Put in lifelines)


I haven’t taken a picture of it laid flat but I’ll try to do that next time I pull it out. I haven’t picked it or any of my projects up in three days because we have 3 of 6 of my nieces and nephews here.  Time tends to fly when you have guest.



In addition to Viajante I made some progress – albeit little – on my socks.


Still in love with them I just don’t feel a urge to rush completing them.

Also, I’ve “technically” added two additional pairs of socks to my projects. They have yet to be cast on but, I plan to start them when I can sit down and think. They are going to be socks for Kori and Kaedance. They picked their colors and I’ve caked the yarn.


Still haven’t spun any fiber but I’ll pick that back up hopefully by next week.


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