What can I say?

There has been little to nothing done. A few rows here and there but no finished projects of the knitting or spinning kind.

However I went out of town this weekend and look what beauty I saw on the way home.


Prior to my trip I ordered a few things for a project I hope to start this week so I can have it completed by October.  That’s when I hope to wear it. So let’s check out what I got.


Doesn’t look like much does it? Let’s unpack and see some more of it.


These are some cedar satchels to put in my wool bins to discourage moths and other insects.


Some Bare roving which contents are merino wool and silk. Can’t wait to dye it up and see how it turns out.


Palette in Gosling which is a gorgeous grey color.


Palette in Turmeric which is a mustard yellow kinda orange. You’ll see this and Gosling paired with another color in next post.


This is Capretta in Turmeric. Have never tried it but wanted to. Haven’t figured out what I plan to do with it yet.


Some Galileo in Lunar which is purple. I got 3 of these.


Some more Galileo in Nebula which is a dark blue. 3 of these as well.

Lovely stuff. More to come soon.


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