My pace has slowed

It’s been longer than I would like in updating you guys on things. I delayed in hopes Mother Dear would take a picture in her completed shrug for all the world to see.

It’s been done for a while now but even the project page lies inconclusive.  Lacking a finished picture and the proper status to designate it done. All in all, removing my 2 week hiatus from it it took about a week and half give or take a couple days.

For a time I was in a spinning frenzy sampling, swatching, sampling, swatching and spinning some more but even that has cooled. I have no real reason why to be honest. I’m not sick of it or the fiber even. I had just made up my mine I would finish the shades of grey fiber that came felted before I went further. So I swatched the 2-ply sample I had spun. The colors blend well enough but the issue lies in the feel of the fiber. It’s coarse. I tried a US2, US3 & US7 needle. I decided when I finished to use the US2’s.


But it’s languished since with me trying to figure out what I’ll make with such a rough yarn. I suppose I could just spin it and figure that out later. I have cast on some socks but have devoted very little time to them. I felt no rush/deadline/urgency to complete them until last night I had a brief moment of panic thinking gauge had changed that quickly.


As a result I’m going to try to have them done before the end of next weekend. We’ll see how that goes.

Finally after those two major projects: Karmen’s cardigan and Mother Dear’s shrug knitting time is my own. For some reason my Cranberry Gloss fingering yarn is calling name. I think a new project is underway.


That’s the one on the far left above.


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