I’ve been delaying. Delaying writing, wanting everything to be just so when I did. Then I realized; it’s not possible to cram everything I wish to have accomplished into one post. However, I can discuss what I have done.


Retro Rogue for Mother Dear is behind. I’ve gotten quite a ways further than this but, we’ve had some unexpected house guest and that’s altered my routine immensely.  Resulting in me not working on it as often nor for very long stretches as I was doing initially. I have less than a month to have this complete and still have about 5 inches of ribbing left to do before I move to the next step.


Remember this fiber I dyed? I drafted the 4 different colors into 2g strips, then took each and divided those into 1g. I then blended all 4 colors using my rolag-making method and spun. I then took the other 4 strips and without  blending spun semi-woolen, semi – worsted and from-the-fold in random order. Resulting in this:


Once plied, it looked like this:


It’s 47yds of a 2ply lace weight. It’s a sample of course, just to test out the color blending. I personally don’t care for it. It came out sorta patriotic to me. The orange and pink both look more red than I expected. Of course the sample hasn’t been knitted into a swatch yet but I decided to change some things around.


Remember the blue and green fiber I dyed? I decided to take that and blend it with the blueish – purple 2 oz amount from the last dye experiment. As a sample I made them into rolags. And I am going to spin that into a 3-ply to see how it looks. So far:


I love the way it looks. I’ve never made a 3-ply before and I’d like to give it a try. Plus, seeing other three plies I’ve found I like the way they look.

For me, doing a sample prior to spinning the entire amount of fiber and just hoping for the best results and then hating it prevents that very thing. Had I did that with the orange, pink and blueish – purple I would have been disappointed. The sample not only gives me a chance to see color blends and progressions but rather I’d like the finish yarn to be thick or thin. Most samples I make are thin but that doesn’t prevent me from determining that I’d like a thicker yarn instead.

My Stream Beds Kiss socks have not been touched. I kinda want to make them car knitting, appointment knitting, idle knitting.  There is no rush on those.

How do you experiment and tweak your crafts for the ideal results?


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