Too much to do, not enough time

Playful Citrus 2.0 is officially off the needles. It was a weird mix of complete and utter triumphant elation and a perplexity about what to do next combined. All that’s left to do is to block and ty up any loose ends/finishing touches. I had planned to block today but, sorta talked myself out of it and into a more pressing experiment.

I’m a very strong believer in reading.  Both in knowing how to do it accurately in addition to frequency. My thoughts are if you know how to read there is nothing you can’t teach yourself or set your mind to learning. I say this to say, I also have a tendency to fully immerse myself into a subject of interest once I happen upon one. So, for me when I first decided to pick up spinning I devoured books, DVDs, forum post on Ravelry, and YouTube videos alike on the subject. One of such things discussed various ways you can make your own rolags.

I honestly don’t know what was on my mind but I guess it must have been a variation of wanting to blend my colors better and curiosity to see how it would turn out if I did.


I have notice some muddying of the colors in some spots but over all I think it’s gorgeous.  I look forward to the plying.

So then I got to thinking further. I had a hard time with that fiber I bought from my 15 mi away LYS and was not pleased that I didn’t pick a good one. Remember?


Perhaps you can tell that it’s felted. If not; trust me it is. It’s 100% merino and it is the roughest, most coarse fiber possible. So I decided to try to blend these shades of grey to come up with a yarn close to what I had originally intended.


It hasn’t dried yet, and it’s just a sample but, when it does dry I will swatch. In the meantime,  I plan to take what I’ve already spun.


And add to it the same fiber but prepared different to make more of the sample. FYI that’s what I did to get the sample. The plying ball is 20g and I have ready to be prepared into rolags about 18-20g of the same fiber. After which will be plied together.

To make my rolags I take about 4-6in of fiber. Fluff it out width wise to make drafting large chunks of it easier.  Then I pull lengthwise until some fiber separates. Afterward I over lap that fiber with what’s remaining in my left hand. I do this about 3-4 times.


Once complete, I take a No.2 pencil and make sure the fiber width wise is completely fluffed out and under the pencil and then I wrap it around the pencil like an egg roll using the table.

Remove the pencil and then spin what you get. VoilĂ !



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