Getting close

I want to get better. I am so use to writing journal entries and poems but, when it comes time to write about my crafts and hobbies I never find the eloquent way to express my self. Playful Citrus 2.0 is nearly off the needles. To recap here’s some specs:



Pattern: Playful Citrus by Elena Nodel

Needles: I actually got gauge with the size 4’s the pattern suggested. I used Knit Picks Rainbow needles on a 47in cable for magic loop on the sleeve and 60in cable for the body.

Mods: Technically I did the size 8-9 but I went to 14 1/2in on the length.

Notes: n/a so far

I finished the sleeve in a day (yesterday) after I ripped it out for too many mistakes and holes. I had hoped to finish the other sleeve, block it and do the finishing touches on it today. That’s not going to happen. 

The past few weeks for me have been hectic and stressful. My car has had a string of issues that still aren’t all fixed but at the moment is drivable. For me usually when I’m stressed I would “zone out” to some music while engaging in some venting behavior.  Since I decided to put my poetry journal on hiatus that wasn’t the way I wanted to relieve the anxiety.  Surprisingly,  I dove hands first into my knitting, spinning,  and dyeing crafts.

In spinning
I’ve taking a lot of stuff off the spindles that I felt weighed down by and now I’m focusing on finishing the pink and purple fiber I dyed a while back. I believe I mentioned that it’s thicker than what I originally was spinning. I’m striving for a dk/sport weight. I have a ways to go but it almost complete and then it’s on to plying.



Beautiful isn’t it?


I hadn’t dyed any fiber in a while and I really wanted some orange colored fiber. I would go to the store and forget the food coloring so could never do it. Last night I played around with the colors I had. Mixed pink and green came up with orange and went from there. This is the dyeing experiment I did last night.



It’s orange, purplish blue, and pink. I think I’ll put this on the spindles next and play around with the colors a bit.

Hope to have another post up tomorrow.


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