I come baring gifts

This is getting bad. My lack of updates.  To be honest I’ve been depressed and unwilling to type out a post.

However, I come baring good news. Playful Citrus 2.0’s body was ready for the bind-off last night but, it kept coming out too tight and so I kept ripping back. That is until I ripped back so much it required an emergency lifeline and a heart racing stitch pick-up. Now I have to redue the last 8 hemline rows and I’ve decided on a stretchy bind-off so it won’t pucker.

My goal is to get both sleeves done by the end of this month because I have to get started on Mother Dear’s shrug. I wanted to start it a while back but didn’t have the correct needles for it so held off. Well guess what mom did for me? She ordered my first set of Hiyahiya needles! An interchangeable set at that.


I have been talking about these needles for some time. Finally I have a chance to try them out. These are the large sharp 5″ tip set. Sizes 9-15″ needles. Two things I immediately noticed that was different from Knit Picks needles. They are very light – weight and their (hiyahiya) cables are thinner and smaller feeling. I believe that’s what makes them more flexible.


I’ve only tried the 10.5s but plan on knitting up a swatch in all the sizes before Wednesday. Hoping to get the small interchangeable set and some fixed circulars in sock sizes as well in the future.

Has anyone worked with these in the past or currently? What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “I come baring gifts

    1. Thanks. I have good days and bad. But, I’m determined to keep this blog up. Sometimes I’ll post more than others but, it’ll be up for as long as I can stand for it to be.


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