I know don’t say it

It’s been a while. I have not forgotten you. In fact nearly daily I have contemplated pictures and things I’d love to share. However, my life hasn’t been what I’d hope it to be to make it conducive to completing things in order to share.

Playful Citrus 2.0 is still very much on the needles. In my head it’ll be done by months end. The reality does not mark that positively in my favor.


I still have to finish the last section of the body and I haven’t even began to pick up the stitches for the sleeves.

If you recall I had also been working on 2 spinning projects at the same time.



I was mixing the grey tones trying to achieve an effect that in my head seemed awesome but when I plied a sample (since it was taking so long) it looked nothing like I had imagined.


As you can see I also plied it with the pink-purple fiber I was spinning and didn’t care for that so I played around with that for a bit as well. This included knitting sample swatches out of the handspun to see what effect I like most.



I decided I liked the grey fiber navajo plied and the pink-purple fiber as a 2ply but thick. More a dk or sport instead of a lace/fingering. Hence I’ve been working on this since this afternoon.


See how much you accomplish when you like something? I’m hoping to have this done by the weeks end. We shall see.


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