Nearly a month

Obviously I am not doing well. It’s been a while since it’s been this long between post. Thanks you guys for putting up with me this long. Thank you for the likes and the follows. Last I checked I am either close to or at 100 and that’s pretty awesome.

I haven’t updated for a number of reasons including my complete lack of actually completing one single thing this month. Quite pitiful I must say. I did pick up Playful Citrus 2.0 again finally but too little too late to finish in my March 31st deadline.


I have half left to do. I love the pattern and it’s not hard to work. I don’t know why each time I’ve worked on it I’ve deemed (subconsciously) it necessary to set it aside for about 2 months. :(

Just as everything else I am still spinning the fiber you’ve seen on the spindles. Not much progress.


The other not worth showing. I did however redyed the pink and purple fiber to add a touch more purple.



There is just so much to do and I fear due to my hands hurting, lack of consistent motivation, and poor time management it’s just not happening.

O guys. Please bare with me.


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