Fully functional hands. Without pain, defect, or spasms.

Yup that’s what I need in my life. Someone suggested that the winter weather may be exacerbating the pain making it to the point of very little ability to do. I want to knit. There are things that are behind due to a self imposed schedule. The socks didn’t get finished until today. Due largely in part to pain. Tact on a too tight cast off or two and you have me reworking already previously completed ribbing.



Now I finally get it when knitters say they needed a drink to finish a project. Playful Citrus 2.0 has been in hiatus and I don’t like to admit that. I really don’t see that end of March deadline happening.

Thanks for the likes and follows on my previous post it is much appreciated.  I will try harder to getting back around to one’s blogs to check out there post as well.

For now just know there are two of these off the needles and counted as done.



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