Maybe tendinitis

Thanks everyone again for the comments, likes and subscribes. I have been running around and driving back and forth so much I am just beyond exhausted. 

So I went to the hand specialist this past week. They took some x-rays and a shock and needle test the doctor comes in. After asking me a series of  questions and moving my wrist around he deduces…maybe tendinitis.

Now imagine my annoyance and frustration. I have been battling wrist, hand, and arm pain for the better part of 10 years. I was always told I had carpal tunnel. This doctor. One of many at a world renowned hospital says, “O you may have a little of this and a little of that.” I tell him I’m confused. He ask about what. Well I don’t know what’s wrong and I was hoping to have a definitive answer.  And thus he answers. MAYBE tendinitis.

I felt like slapping him with my throbbing wrist. They made me customized wrist braces. Which I haven’t been wearing because I can’t do anything with them on. So I’ve gotten no where.

On a happier note. I tried my hand at dyeing some fiber and this is the results.


The colorway was picked by Karmen. I told her after I spin it up I will make her whatever she’d like. I plan to spin it thin and do a two ply so we’ll see but, because it’s a superwash merino and nylon blend I am leaning towards socks.

Speaking of which.


I am ready to work the Fish Lips Kiss heel on both. I like the idea of doing to at once on two separate needles. Goes a lot faster. They’ve been loitering for 2 days now so I’m hoping to get at least one done tomorrow.

More projects and updates to come soon.


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