Carpal Tunnel among other things

I should have written last night. I had such a nice blog post in mind. As it is I didn’t and your stuck with this.

Thanks to those who liked the last couple of post I’ve written whom I haven’t visited their blogs to thank personally. I just have so much going on that doing so became a bit too much to handle the other day. So, I thought I’d do so now.

I have accomplished very little as of late.  Karmen’s cardigan (Playful Citrus 2.0) hasn’t been touched in a week. I am well aware that all in all that makes for 3 weeks I haven’t knit on it and thus 3 weeks worth of progress not done.

I have been battling extreme fatigue. And I don’t know if it’s new medication or what but it limits what I want/need to accomplish in any given day.

I also realize it has been months since Unleaving Sunset has been touched. I don’t have it listed has hibernating because the lack of progress isn’t preplanned.

I did however add/start another project to the mix. My first handspun socks.


We’ll see how they go. It’s hard to work on them with carpal tunnel. My hands keep cramping up and being uncooperative.  


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