I don’t get to indulge in doing things I enjoy often. So many factors play into this that I won’t get into them now.

As I’ve grown as a yarn/fiber crafter and become more interested in higher quality non-acrylic fibers it’s resulted in me being less and less interested in my local Michaels and JoAnn stores. I’m not saying they don’t have decent yarn however their system sort of sucks when it comes to organizing it. Or I just suck at understanding it and therefore don’t buy often.

So, for me the past almost 2 years has been spent online shopping at places I can afford to enjoy and try wools and other fancier fibers I’ve never had a chance to before.

I’ve been looking for a LYS (Local Yarn Shop) near me to visit and fondle look at the yarn. Well I had decided to try new knitting needles. After doing some research I settled on Hiya Hiya sharps. I could order from the company which isn’t an issue but, before investing in a few I wanted to give one pair a try.

I found a LYS that sells them. However local to me meant nearly 15 miles away. Not so local. But, after visiting my sister I found it is only 5 miles from her.

I had been trying to visit for a week but, the weather here hasn’t been the best.
Today I got to go and they were open. They didn’t have the needles in the length I wanted but, I did find something worth getting.


O do I so plan on going back and fondling checking out the other yarn and fiber related items. I had to grab something quick but, I hope to go back and stay an hour or so and explore.


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