New toy? What new toy?

I recently started spinning in November this past year (2013). You may be wondering why I am reiterating that seeing as how it’s been mentioned.

Well, what you aren’t aware of, is that during said time I’ve managed to buy a spindle a month since.

Yes that’s right. 3 months have past (sorta) and I have 3 spindles. I’m well aware of two things. One: I may have the beginnings of a problem. Two: I’ve only skipped one month since November.

Well enough talk let’s see the goods…


It came with a nifty fiber that I am too novice to identify. I have contacted the seller asking but, haven’t heard from him yet.

I love it. It spins well, doesn’t wobble and feels secure. My only issue which is my own and not the sellers. I thought the spindle would be bigger and heavier.

Why is that my fault and not the sellers? Because he gave me the specs. I’m just bad at math and they didn’t register.
You want another one don’t you? Ok…


I’ll update you on projects and things later.


7 thoughts on “New toy? What new toy?

    1. My first one was junk and I wish I hadn’t bought it but, this one is really nice. The more I use it the more I love it. Only issue it’s considered a large but it seems small to me. Do all turks run small?


      1. I think they come in a pretty wide range – mine is small and light, but pretty compact with shorter arms. It’s a Jenkins Turkish Delight, and they make some that have much longer arms that hold more singles. They’re hard to get though!


      2. Yeah I’ve been on their site the past couple of weeks. Never have any. Again, I like mine I just thought it would be bigger and heavier. It’s 34.5g or 1.22ozs. The arms are pretty decent size as well.


  1. Vonna when we were in Turkey we watched women spinning and then making rugs. I found the process fascinating. I know nothing about spinning and wondered what the difference between a Turkish spindle and a ‘regular’ one might be.


    1. It’s so hard to explain without pictures. Tell you what: I will write a post explaining the difference as best I can. Check for it later today/early tomorrow.


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