Very little progress

I’ve been knitting, monogamously I might add. Playful Citrus 2.0 has been my sole focus. So how come I’m only this far?


I really don’t know.  Toward the beginning I was traveling with it. And now for the past 3 days I haven’t touched it. Could I have burnt myself out?  I am loving how its looking so far.

As for my spinning, its not very active.  I got a spindle from Knit Picks which was bad. They replaced it and I still don’t like it. My disappointment has fizzled my desire to spin. On the upside, my Glow Stick fiber has progressed but, very slowly so. I’m pleased with how thin it looks and am looking forward to the finished results.


4 thoughts on “Very little progress

  1. I’ve found I have to have a little foo-foo project going on while I’m doing a bigger one…I’m easily frustrated with progress so if I finish a keyhole scarf and go back to a shawl life is good. LOL. Don’t give up on your spinning, I can’t tell you how much fun it is watching the colors swirl together. Mind you, I’m still starting out, I’ve some art yarn mixed in with my dk/lace weight, but I love the colors, it’s getting easier, and I’ll have some very much one-of-a-kind projects when I’m done.


    1. Thanks. I’m learning a small project mixed with a big one is a good mix. Also, when I have request for items rather than a strong urge to do it, I get burnt out quickly. I’m learning what does/doesn’t work for me.


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