Diasappointed Satisfaction

I received an order from Knit Picks today.

I was excited to feel and play with the contents inside.

I get it open.

Wow! Bare roving/Superwash merino wool and nylon roving is the softest roving I’ve handled thus far. However, I was mostly eager about that little tool you see above. The turkish drop spindle. I cracked it open. Pulled out some of that delicious blank canvas of a fiber and call myself putting into practice all the turkish spindle spinning videos I’d watched.

But, my cop (the stick with the wooden bead) kept coming loose. The spindle doesn’t have much weight to it over all so it doesn’t spin very long. Combine those plus a wobbly base and you have barely spun yarn. I was not impressed nor happy. I called Knit Picks.  They think I received a defective one so, are sending a replacement. If that doesn’t work, I’m exchanging it for a Kromski top whorl spindle and will hunt for turkish spindles off etsy for now on.

Pictures of the goodies that did make me happy?


This is Brava bulky in the Solstice Heather colorway. It is to be made into a shrug for mom.


The Bare roving. Three are showing but I got 4 total. Thats 400g/14.12ozs worth. Whatever I end up spinning this on I look forward to dyeing it afterward with my niece Karmen.


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