1 step forward and 2 steps back

Where to begin?

Handspun projects
Calypso is done and has been knit up into a second Age of Brass and Steam.  I like it but,  I would have liked to have gotten more yardage out of the yarn.


However it was my first 4oz roving so, there is bound to be some room for growth.

Speaking of which,  I learned a new method called spinning from the fold. It’s where you tear off about a 4-6″ strip of fiber and fluff it by “drafting” it length wise, folding it over your finger and then spin from there. It is a better way to spin when you are working with a more slippery fiber.

I also changed the place I was sitting while spinning and learned to spin using my feet. Which sounds weird but, is a method taught in the book Respect the Spindle. All of which allows me to spin longer lengths without having to park and draft.

With these newly acquired skills of course comes the learning curve.  My yarn at times can be thick in spots and too thin in others.


I know with much practice I’ll be able to get it right.


Here’s to hoping that the second half will be better than the first.


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