12 days later and just getting started

Finally finished, is the gift knitted socks I started last month. They came out beautiful despite the issue with the main patterns heel turn section. I just improvised and used a heel turn from another pattern.

Hopefully sometime next week at the latest the recipient should have these.


I have been spinning non-stop on the Calypso Falkland (which is Corridale, Dohne Merino, and Polwarth mixed) for 12 days now. I wasn’t sick of it but, I was very anxious to see how well I had did and how many yards it would turn out to be. I was determined to finish it tonight.

So it went from this

To this

That is all 4ozs of it which came out to 230-236yds give or take a yard or 2. I am so proud. The first half that I split into 4s ran out quicker than the second half.  Next fiber I plan to work on is this:

And I plan on only splitting it into 2 halfs. I want to try to get the color repeats as even as possible.


Karmen talked me into making her cardigan for her so that’s my next up coming project.


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