Ok you guys, I am back.  Still not 100% health wise but, I am getting better. I still haven’t picked up my knitting yet however,  I have somethings to show you.

Spinning Fiber

So about the 3rd of this month I went on etsy and found a shop that sells roving. I had never bought from etsy before so was a little nervous.  I had scoped out a few shops not far from me and finally settled on Spun Right Round. Very nice stuff, very fast 2-day shipping, the seller insures her items, and she responds to your inquries in a timely manner. All good points to look for, in addition,  if you buy from her your credit card information is not shared directly with her.

So this is what I got as a trial to see how everything would go and if I would like it.



I thought I loved the colors of Glow Stick the most but, I am currently spinning up Calypso and love the look of that as well. Here’s what its looking like.

I finally was able to do the long draw and draft without parking in between short spurts like I was doing before. As a result my yarn hopefully will come out majority sock weight. I got 4oz each color and then I took Calypso and split it in half then split that half into 4s. 4oz is a lot more than I thought it would be. I still have a half plus a 4th to do. If that makes sense.

Looking forward to seeing the finished results but, enjoying the process of getting there.


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