Good reason

I know, I’ve been quiet but, I’ve got good reason. You see I had some things I had ordered last Friday that I was waiting to arrive. One of which came sooner than I thought it would.  Let me share.


From Knit Picks I ordered a skein of stroll tonal in springtime.
2 yellow retractable measuring tapes.
A pair of foldable scissors.
A set of bent tapestry needles
A drop spindle DVD
Fiber to practice.

However I didn’t own a drop spindle, I wanted a swift, and I saw the value of a niddy noddy. After much researcb and pricing all of these. I found a company that was briefly mentioned on one of ravelrys threads. Fiber Artist Supply Co, I prior, during, and while waiting for my order talked to the owner of this company multiple times.  The result?


I got my drop spindle, a large swift, and a three size convertable niddy noddy. All for less than $50 bucks. They are wonderful. I highly recommend this company.  My swift is huge.


It was my first time using one and things just went so smoothly in making my hank into a cake.


No tangles, no cutting, no fuss.

And now this cake is in the process of becoming a pair or two of socks for a dear friend.


More about this and Unleaving later.


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