25-ish and counting

The year is nearly over. Two months to go and we’ll be writing the wrong calendar year on our documents once again. Funny thing; I do it every year even knowing the correct one.

I have done technically 24 projects this year. Which is substantially lower than last year. It averages out to (counting my 25th project since its cast on) 2.5 items a month. However, my knitting quality has greatly improved. I knit my first garment, and although it was small it still qualifies.

Something else I’ve discovered this past week. You are aware that the Age of Brass and Steam only took me one day.


Well I just finished a headband/earwarmer that only took me a day also.


So, I’ve discovered that when finally knitting for myself, I knit a significant amount faster.

Not saying everything will fly off the needles that fast but, I am on a roll.

My next project which I had started, but had to frog, is Unleaving.

Prior to frogging

I’m using Knit Picks Stroll Multi in the  Sunset Multi colorway.


The yarn is not very good to be honest. It’s since been discontinued and I see why.
A quote I wrote from a few days ago.

  So far, I don’t notice any pilling but the yarn is VERY splitty. Even when you don’t split the yarn, the plies unravel. I am using it to make Unleaving so I don’t think the pooling (or lack there of) will be an issue but, I am very glad they discontinued this yarn and see why. It also has no bounce to it despite it having 25% nylon. If they still carried it, I would not buy this again.

Well until later. I’m off to try and get some knitting done.


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