A year and more

I got more goodies in the mail today. I never menyion my craft splurges until I get them so, I don’t believe I mentioned having anything coming.



This is everything in a nutshell.  Blocking mats, wool wash, 2 row counters, blocking pins, and…


3 beautiful hanks of Knit Picks Gloss in Winter Night, as well as…


4 hanks of Shadow Lace in Basalt Heather also from Knit Picks.

I finally got off the needles Karmen’s socks. I just lost my desire to work on them.


I still have on the needles Ka’ana shawlette but, its gone back in the drawer.  Yes, I realize its been on the needles a year and then some (since September 2012). But I really don’t want to do it. I also don’t want to frog it because its almost complete.  I just need to add the border. So it will get done, just not right now.

I plan on starting either tonight or tomorrow the Age of Brass and Steam kerchief using Knit Picks Galileo in the colorway Gem and Firefly. I’m just ready to do something for myself,  that I like, and am interested in all at the same time for a change.

I will post pictures later.  If you keep up with my task list, I will be updating it to reflect my recent changes,


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