A revelation

Playful Citrus #1 is off the needles and despite my previous concerns it did turn out far better than I thought it would. 


A few things I learned for cardigan #2

◆ Even though it fits make a size larger than actual childs size.
◆ Give it plenty of length for room to grow.
◆ Do sleeves as directed and they should come out the right length.

Because I shortened one sleeve I worried they would look odd but, it turned out ok once she put it on. I did however realize between the time it took me to knit it, 4 months ( told you I was a slow knitter, plus I put it aside for at least 2 months total), she grew like any normal child. Which made something that started out too big fit. She will not be wearing this next year that’s for sure.


I don’t knit for myself. I always mean to, I have patterns and yarn to, but never the time. You see every time I plan on doing so my nieces and nephews put in more request than I can reasonably do. So all my project plans for myself get put on the back burner. Up to this point that’s been wonderful, encouraging, and skill building. However, the other day I realized something. Out of 60-70+ knitted and crocheted items I’ve made them they lost, misplaced, or ruined majority if not all of them.

I am slowly becoming more skilled as a knitter and at the moment that is my craft of choice. But the reality is it takes me a while to complete projects. I lose my drive, the projects sometimes don’t capture my attention, that whole sort of thing. I no longer find my nieces and nephews knit worthy. The only how I can guarantee they will wear what I make is if they leave the item at my house and visit over the weekend and we go somewhere or do something that requires it.

And lets face it, the older a person gets you can’t get them to wear anything they don’t want to, even if they asked for it. So, after these socks and Playful Citrus #2 it’s time for some selfish knitting.



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