Wow its been a month

I can not began to believe its been a month. That’s so unlike me. I finally finished the first Playful Citrus.  Here’s a picture of it blocking.


I have so many flaws I can point them all out but, I won’t.  If however you noticed one sleeve longer than the other you are correct. I was measuring them against each other and they seemed to match up so I cast-off the other sleeve early. I should not have. The good thing is that after you block it you gather the sleeves with ties and I think that will even things out.

Here is a slightly truer color of the cardigan.


If you remember this picture


That’s the actual color.

Working on the second ankle sock for Karmen


Coming out decent. I love doing toe up socks.  I just haven’t figured out how to make the top ribbing come out tighter than it does. For that reason I’ll probably go back to top down.


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