Mother Dear’s socks

I have been knitting.  Pretty faithfully I might add. I think I finally kicked started my knitting mojo. Mom’s socks are progressing quite nicely. I divided for the heel, turned the heel, worked the gusset, and am currently shaping the instep. All done today.



The color of the socks are beautiful and Mother Dear’s favorite color however, I had a few mishaps with this first skein. It tangled on me despite my pulling from the center. Which resulted in a whole bunch of knots. Which led to cutting, which progressed to knotted joins. O well. Hopefully it doesn’t bother her foot or I am in trouble. Had to take a 3 day break from when I started because I went out of town.  But since then I have been working on it non-stop.

O by the way.  Look what was in my notifications this evening.


I don’t think I have had this particular blog seven years but I use to have a private journal on WordPress under this username that I eventually revamped into a poetry blog and made this one into a craft blog. So, there is a little bit of history. To check put my poetry blog check out my links to the right. I should be updating it in the next couple of hours.


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