What I’ve been up to

I had a picture ready to go of the socks I was working on. A quick project to break up the monotony of my current knitting projects. Instead I am stuck with nothing to show. I mean I do have a picture but, I ripped out the project. It was coming up way to small for the measurements that it was giving.


Not much knitting/crochet has been going on. I’ve tried to find a quick satisfy project without success. Just for kicks this is my attempting Judy’s Magic Cast On using dpns (double-pointed needles)










Any suggestions on what I can do with less than 100yds of this sport weight yarn? I’m guess-ta-mating (guessing and estimating) the yardage.

Any ideas will be helpful. I was leaning towards toddler socks but, can’t find a good basic pattern that’s accurate. Help!


2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to

    1. Never thought about any of those. Shows you where my head is at. I think I will do the coffee cozy with that yarn but for the mean time I started another project I will write about in my next post.


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