No stitch and needle review


I have been diligently working on Ka’ana Shawlette. It’s actually been quite satisfying to see it progress so quickly considering I put it aside for so long. One of the things I like about the pattern is that once you get to the border section you have the option to read either the written pattern or from a chart. Well every since I learned how to read charts I haven’t worked on any. I was getting concerned that I would forget what I have learned.

No stitch
On the chart is a stitch called the no stitch.


That’s what the black boxes on the chart is. I had no clue how to work that. So, I went in search of answers. Knit Picks has series of videos on how to do lace but one of which talks about how to read charts. The no stitch is just a block there to line up the chart with the actual stitches. Its almost something to be ignored basically.


Needle review
A while back I reviewed the size 7 Susan Bates Velocity needles. I did not give them a good review. At the time I felt their needles was too blunt. But I don’t know if its because I have been using Knit Picks needles and some of them are sharper than others. So I have gotten use to blunter needles. Whatever the reason I like them now. The cable on them always seemed flexible to me but I have to be honest and say I have yet to try magic loop on them. Also  if I am remembering correctly, this needle (cabled included) was slightly shorter than a 40in they claimed it to be. Which still is a negative to me because thats misrepresentation to me. I believe it was  39. something inches.

Would I buy them again? Not sure. Right now I am in love with the Harmony needles sold at Knit Picks.


6 thoughts on “No stitch and needle review

      1. May I ask when did you buy your set? Ones complain about the cables on the new ones but, I bought 60in cables before they changed manufactures so didn’t really think that would be an issue for me.


      2. I’ve had the set at least 5 years and the only cable fail was when I was knitting a VERY heavy blanket and was doing a lot of tugging moving the blanket around on the cable. I love my set!


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