Kicking at my mojo

Last post I revealed my barely there knitting enthusiasm. Well a dear fellow blogger suggested I start a new project to get it back. While good advice the problem in that lied in the fact that Playful Citrus (refer to previous post for a picture) had just been cast on. For the most part I am pretty decent at not having hibernating projects laying around. I either finish or frog not wanting the hassle of a UFO (Unfinished Object) laying around.



Once in a while I break this rule for a project I would like to come back to and have plans on finishing. Or for a project I am not 100% sold on. Ka’ana Shawlette is such a project. Its been in hibernation since September-October of last year. Well about two-three days ago I pulled it out and began working on it again. Other than the fiber content and color I couldn’t figure out why I put it aside. Apparently the fact that its cotton yarn in the colorway Pageantry was enough to give me pause. But, every time my mom sees it she remarks on how pretty it is.


So, I have decided to move forward with it. And despite my limited knitting time this week, do my best to get a row or two completed each night before bed.


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