Slow but steady

I am a part of the Ravelry community. I enjoy being so. Where else can you log as many projects and photos of projects while interacting with like minded individuals all reaching toward the common goal of the completed project? I sat down last night and tagged all my 2012 projects. I am proud to say I had 40 of them. I am sad to report I only have 11 completed projects this year. That’s pretty sad. I figured I had more crocheted items than knitted, but when I just counted I had 28 knitted items and 12 crocheted.

Yes, I actually did more knitting last year. So why am I moving so slow this year? Is it because I am using thinner yarns? Hopefully by years end one of two things occur. Either I up my game or I work on more complex knitting projects. On the plus side, Tyler’s beanie is finished. I stayed up all night to complete it. My hat knitting skills are improving if I do say so myself.


The yarn in the background is for hopefully a future project. More about my hopes next post…

By the way, this hat is so very soft.


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