Playful Citrus

I think  I am different from most other gift GIVERS in that throughout the process and even before beginning the project I converse with the RECEIVER  about said gift. Often asking what color, yarn type (while explaining the differences), and project care instructions ahead of time. I do this to judge the knit worthiness as well as appreciation for said gift long enough for it to actually be enjoyed and not just discarded, shrunk, or destroyed in some other fashion. I also, discuss the actual project, such as: would it be worn, played with, used. That whole thing.

My knitting time is valuable.


And even though I love making gifts for other people no one wants to make something and have it mistreated after all your hard work. One such sister seemingly appreciates my gifts more than others but she shrunk a superwash merino wool hat of middle said sisters daughter. I was upset. Not only did this happen soon after me making it but, it was hidden from me. My middle sister in the past has been put on the non-knit-worthy list. Too many reasons why to get into them all. However, her kids are not on it.

So yesterday I had the privilege of downloading a paid for pattern for free from Elena Nodel called Playful Citrus. To be honest had I looked harder I probably would have downloaded Striped which is the adult version and comes in an array of sizes, but I think by accident I made the right choice. This way I am more likely to make it and I can always buy the other one later.

So yarn was needed. Smaller than expected. Lace weight. I went to my go to yarn shop Knit Picks and made a series of selections only to find I had enough of one type in my stash already, with no designated project in mind. And its such a beautiful color I might add.

I showed my sister said yarn and pattern choice for Kori ( her one year old daughter)

Photo by Elena Nodel

She fell for it. Loved the yarn and reassured me that she takes care of her clothes. This is a sister who will dry clean jeans so she is not lying. So I am going to take a leap of faith here and make this garment for Kori and Karmen (7 1/2  year old niece). The one for Karmen will stay at my house so I can take care of the washing instructions properly.


2 thoughts on “Playful Citrus

  1. I like your comment about someone being on your ‘non-knitworthy’ list – that’s a good way of putting it. There are some people out there who just do not appreciate the hard work and love that goes into a handknit ! Luckily there are many who do appreciate it however. I love the lemon yellow cardigan and so does the little girls wearing it, obviously!


    1. Thank you. The more I knit the more I realize that. The picture is not my own but by the designer of the cardigan. Its my latest project that I am making for a truly knit-worthy in the making little girl. Two little girls actually. I’ll have an upcoming post about my progress, so check back. O and thanks for subscribing to my blog.


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