Finally, I am ready to tell you  what the white baby yarn is for. So, I have this friend and she has a grandson who she cares for and his favorite color is green. I know, I know what does green have to do with white. Well, I am making something for said friend and I wanted to make something for this grandson of hers. His favorite color is green. I don’tbuy much gree  yarn. If you recall Kori’s lime green hat was a special buy because I just don’t have green in my stash.

Well in finding out that he likes green  I went hunting for some thinking I might have overlooked it in my stash. I had. However, the green yarn I found was rough and scratchy. I don’t know what I plan to do with it later on down the line but, I knew I couldn’t use it for this particular project. So, my next go to yarn was one without a ball band that I had enough for, for the project I have in mind. As I got to working with knitting up the gauge swatch what type of yarn it is came to mind.

I had actually purchased this yarn quite a few dwellings ago and removed the ball band/label and didn’t save it. But I knew what yarn it was which was pretty cool. I swatched using size 5 US needles and it came out to 5 sts/inch. So the stitch count will be pretty small but, I wanted to use the needles I got from Knit Picks that I hadn’t used yet. I am making a hat.

The pattern is taken from the Teach Yourself Visually Knitting Design: Working From a Master Pattern to Fashion Your Own Knits by Sharon Turner. Very good book. I think I will end up purchasing it. Right now I am borrowing it from the library. It also has some vest master patterns I plan to construct different types of vest from  but, thats for another post.


Socks almost completed


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