I finished the first sock. I was elated. I worked on it most of last night and this morning and finally its finished. Towards the end  i ran into a snag. I grafted using the three needle bind off.


It looks great! However, when I tried the sock on, I had a huge bump at the tip of my foot. Something I knew would be uncomfortable as well as it looked bad while wearing. So, I took it out and had a very scary moment of dropped stitches. Catching them I grafted using the Kitchener stitch.


I am aware this edge looks less neater. Its not stitch error but user lack of no how. I tried following a YouTube video and a book at the same time. Which resulted in a confused, loss-of-place mess. It doesn’t look horrible, but it could stand to look better. Practice makes perfect. Off to make the second sock I go.



5 thoughts on “Grafting

  1. Grafting is our friend! The next sock will look better and the next pair will be perfect…
    Now just not to fall prey to the dreaded second sock syndrome :-)


    1. I know. I try to start right away so that doesnt happen. But I have to admit, I was already thinking about working on it tomorrow instead of today.

      Its not like I dont have other projects to do. I just know I dont want to develop second sock syndrome.


    1. I agree its going to take some practice. Thanks for the heads up on Very Pink. I am subscribed to her channel but didnt know she had a video for this technique.

      Also, I think I was in such a rush to complete the sock. Instead of take it out and try for the third time, I just kept going as best I could.


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