A Boy


First in foremost I am NOT pregnant.

However a friend of mine is. She came up to me yesterday and says,

“First off, I have no right to ask this but, could I get another blanket? I need another blanket.”

You see, she has four going on five children and for two of them (didn’t know her for the births of her first two) I crocheted baby blankets. Ones not documented on Ravelry because, its before I actually saw the benefit of taking pictures of completed projects; especially gifts. The other can be found here.


I was beyond thrilled when she told me she was pregnant. For several reasons:

– She uses very well the projects I have made for her in the past.

-To this day she still uses one of the baby blankets I made. The other I really can’t remember so she might use it I just don’t remember what it looks like.

-She asked for another blanket letting me know she appreciates, loves, and wants a handmade item.

So I was faced with the task of creative freedom to do the gift as I please. Which sometimes can make the project more difficult because you have so many options. I went to Ravelry.com and with the limited ideas I did have searched for a pattern. I knew, for instance that I wanted to knit instead of crochet the blanket this time. I know, I know I broke my rule of no knitted blankets because they take too long. But I felt strongly about this one. I was leaning toward the color orange but, that was quickly ruled out. I knew it had to be an easily washable and low maintenance material because she has a lot on her plate. I was going to try cotton but, a few concerns with that cropped up. I finally settled on RHSS (Red Heart Super Saver).

I had some grey heather in my stash leftover from my first Saroyan project and only had to buy a few skeins of a contrasting color.  I decided on teal. I also, picked a pattern. It’s simple and calls for a larger needle so I thought it should go faster. It’s Chevron Baby Blanket by Purl Bee. It can be found on Ravelry. The pictures is a sample of what the pattern/blanket will look like.



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