Wet Blocking Heirloom on March 24, 2013

Finished, finally finished! I have been working on Heirloom (Saroyan #2) for 2 months and 9 days. 10 days if you want to count today since I didn’t actually block it until today. I am currently waiting on it to dry but, by the time you read this post I will have beautiful beauty shot pictures up of it lounging on something perhaps the deck outside who knows. It is snowing so that might not work.


Heirloom has been the vain of my existence. It took way too long for me to complete this project. Don’t forget that I have two other Saroyan’s that have been requested. One of which the recipient wishes for me to start on next week. That means I did not get a break in between making this project as I had hoped. Which means that once I finish the two requested ones I don’t see myself making another Saroyan for quite a while. Maybe not until next year.

My skills have just improved and I’m ready to make other things. Enough talk beauty shots:





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