Throughout my knitting life one thing has always eluded me. That has been charts. I’ve felt less experienced because often times I’d come across a nice shawl pattern only to find it contained a chart and no written instructions and thus I couldn’t do it.

Well a few weeks ago was giving away one free class with sign up. They also was running a limited time opportunity to get another free class with adding pictures and other such little things. I took advantage of all of this and ended up getting 4 free classes. One of which was Lace Shawl Design which I thought would be really cool to learn how to not only knit lace but, to design it. However the class required for you to know how to read charts already. So I went to my Mastering Lace Shawl class that I had got and was able to be taught how to read charts. Which is really cool. Thanks to Laura Nelkin I can now read charts.

Now the sky is the limit when it comes to lace shawls!

Hopefully by next post I’ll have completed Heirloom Saroyan and will have blocking pictures.


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