Surprise, surprise

Yes, I have held out on you guys. You see I’ve resisted updating because I was waiting for my latest Knit Picks order to come in. I couldn’t say no to a ball winder–which I’ve always wanted. I also got some Shadow Lace weight yarn in Opal Heather. In addition to those two things (3 if you’re counting each skein) I also got a size 4 and a size 5 Harmony Wood interchangeable knitting needles to go with the cables I already have from Knit Picks.

Said needles are now being manufactured in China instead of India. I have to say so far (not having worked with the new needles) I love them. I’ll tell you why. One main reason is due to the sizes being etched into the side of the metal piece that screws into the cables.



As for my ball winder it’s a Royal which I’ve heard nothing but raving good reviews about on Ravelry and many say it last for years. I otherwise have wound happily and have wound over 9 balls of yarn already and I’ve only had it since 6-7pm this evening. I hope it stands up to my constant winding. I’m not winding all my yarn but, the disorganized batches to keep them neater. My 7-year-old niece has helped with this. She’s just as excited about it as I am.



These are my goodies. Gotta go, got more yarn to wind as you can see in the background. Later!


11 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise

    1. Thanks! Did you ever check out some YouTube videos? Sometimes it really helps to be able to see what another is doing. Books help also if your not a visual learner. I learned crochet through my mom but, knitting I taught mysel using books and videos.


      1. I might have to when I have some down time, but I haven’t done that. Books so didn’t help me. I know very very very basic crochet, like the straight basic line of it.


      2. Actually, I totally forgot! I’m sitting next to a friend right now who told me she has millions of knitting needles, then gave up. So, I have full access! I will give it a go sometime soon :) I’ll even start a little wordpress on girly things + knitting too. Thank you for remembering me. Your new work is AMAZING.


      3. O, that sounds like fun. Definitely let me know when you open up the new blog, I would love to check it out. Thanks for such a compliment. That should definitely make clear it takes time and patience to get progressively better. I still have quite a ways to go however, its nice to hear progress is noticable. ;)


      4. That is so awesome! I just read it. I’m humbled. I hope all goes well and if you need any tips or anything shoot me a line. Also, think about joining being among others who knit will help motivate you and help you if you get stuck. I’m vonna85 over there if you wanna add me when you join.


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