Secret Knitting

I haven’t been completely upfront. I’ve been working on a prototype and I haven’t been sharing. You see, I’ve adored the concept of fingerless mitts but, I always thought to myself what if my fingers get cold? Which they often do. So I’ve looked for fingerless mitts that can be converted into a mitten type pattern for the yarn I have available. I was sorely disappointed to find they didn’t have one in the needle gauge that I have available. So I decided to combine some patterns that had features that I liked into one to create a new fingerless mitt pattern.  I don’t plan on sharing this pattern because it’s tweaked from other people’s patterns and I don’t know if that’s legit to say it’s my own idea when in reality it’s just a modified idea.

This is how far I’ve gotten:

A few things I’ve noticed thus far:

  • I love the way one designer makes her thumb opening but, I’ve found it extremely bothersome when it comes to making the actual finger after the fact so I might modify that particular feature to fit something similar to a glove thumb.
  • Write as many notes as possible the first/second mitt so that you can duplicate what you liked and eliminate what you disliked.
  • Try; try again!

Yes point three, if you mess up, don’t like it, or find it doesn’t work for you do it over and try again. For the most part the mitt that I chose to make as the fingerless portion is working fine but when I get to the thumb I don’t like it so I think I am going to change what I did on the second attempt and make something else. As you can see I have yet to add the mitten portion but, that’s next on the agenda.


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