Updates and other stuff

I’ve been working on Mom’s Heirloom Saroyan. I finally got onto the decrease section. This one seems to be taking me forever. I love the Saroyan’s but never again will I do it in fingering weight yarn. It just takes way to long and it’s taking time away from my other queued projects that I’d like to be working on.

I started to order from Knit Picks this month but, realized I’d like to deplete my current Knit Picks stash before ordering more so it doesn’t look like I’m accumulating more yarn that I’ll ever be able to do anything with. Besides I think I’ve already reached that point with all the yarn I’ve been gifted.

My next queued project that I’d like to start working on once I finish the Saroyan is probably going to be the boys’ (my nephews) vests. I’m looking forward to them but, I know they are going to be long winded projects so I have to figure out some small projects to do in the meantime. I just finished making a strap for my youngest niece’s purse and two pacifier straps. I won’t show pictures because it really wasn’t much of a project just the half double crochet stitch in a few choice places and viola something for her to not lose.

Myra’s cowl is coming along slowly.  I haven’t had much time to work on it and have lost some of the initial momentum I had when I finished the first skein. But, I’ve noticed I enjoy working on it during the daytime rather than at night where I can’t see the beautiful subtle shifts in colors as well.


I also came across this beautiful sock knitting recipe for knee highs and am really looking forward to be able to make them once the designer puts the different ways to re-size the design on her website.

I think that’s all the updating for now. I promised pictures didn’t I?


Wonder what this is? I’ll tell you next post.


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