Casting on, again

My tension has changed. Recently I learned how to knit continental style using the Norwegian way of purling. I have to admit it was like learning how to knit all over again. My tension has been all over the place. Projects haven’t looked as polished as they could have been. Gauge was very loose.

While knitting my second Saroyan all of that changed. Somewhere around row 4-8 my tension on my purling tightened and my tension on my knitting stayed the same creating this very uniformed looking piece that was something I could be proud of doing. I was happy to discover that if I tighten down my purl stitches before going on to the next purl stitch my tension is even with the knit stitches and thus a smoother, more even gauge. I know this sounds like a lot of work and an unnecessary step but trust me, it is and it isn’t. Yes, its a little extra work but, considering the amount of difference it makes it’s well worth it. Add to that the more I do it and the more I knit this combined continental way the faster I will get. Just like I once learned when I was throwing (knitting English style).

So with this new way of knitting came a dilemma. My Heirloom Saroyan was looking great but, my Mira’s Cowl that I’ve been working on simultaneously was looking loose and limp and flimsy. My tension was not doing the cowl justice and I really wanted to use the yarn I had picked out for this particular project but, something had to change and it had to change fast. I am like most knitters, I hate ripping back. Sometimes I’ll live with the mistake just because the amount of hours I’ve put into a project far out weigh my desire to make it as close to perfection as possible. But in this instance I wanted perfection. I have seen the beautiful projects of Mira’s Cowl and I wanted mine to be looked up and see as one among the ranks once completed. So I did what any knitter would do. I rippit or frogged my project. So starting over from scratch with my new tension, although not very far, I already feel it looks better.

Pictures soon to come…


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