Mystery yarn and deadlines

I made another scarf. I did so because during these very cold days my mother wanted all my nieces and nephews to wear all their knitted/crocheted items I’ve made them so they could stay warm while waiting to go to school or walking to school. In reply to my mother asking where Karmen and Kameran’s scarves were, she got a surprising reply.

“Auntie hasn’t made us one yet.”

I was floored. Out of the countless amounts of hats, mittens, scarves, and other things I’ve churned out for these kids (a total of six kids). I managed to leave out scarves for at least two of them. So I did what any loving aunt would do. I picked out the yarn (based off pre-specified color/type request) and I crocheted Karmen a scarf using this yarn.


1358993552756_medium2 Now here is the catch with this yarn. It’s pretty, it’s obviously red, and it has pretty tinsel woven throughout and around the red to make it sparkle. She loves it. Has wanted either me or herself to make something with it since the first time she saw it. The catch however is I don’t know what this yarn is.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier post. I inherited a boat load of yarn from someone and none of it had labels. Some things I do know from being around yarn for a while is that it’s worsted weight and acrylic and that’s about pretty much it.

I still have to work on Kameran’s scarf and hope I’m done with it by this weekend so my mom or myself can give it to him by then but, I haven’t started it yet. I know, I know, bad me.


I have a semi-good reason why I haven’t worked on it yet. I’ve been working on mom’s shawl and I’m hoping to have it completed by the 4th of February but, since I haven’t worked on it in the past 2 days that’s 2 days I’m behind and my deadline is not looking to good. Why a deadline in the first place you wonder? Well the Saroyan that I made for a dear friend and finished a while ago I gave to the recipient and she loved it. Well with that love came a request for another one in black and a friend of hers requested one in blue. They both are willing to pay me for them. But, in order to get paid you have to complete them so I told them I would have my mom’s done by the first week or 4th of February so I could start the next one the same day.

I know very ambitious. It sounded good when I set the schedule but, I’m starting to see the unrealistic-mess of it all. Unrealistic because sometimes I get burned out on knitting and have to take a break from it . I wish I could knit like a machine but, I just can’t. So, now I am a total of 3 days behind because although knitting straight up until the last 2 days I got behind on how many pattern repeats to do in a day as well (pre-burn out signs).

So, hope for the best for me. I hope to get this done the first week of February. Of course I’m using finer yarn and smaller needles so I don’t know if that’s realistic to say I’ll complete it in just a month but, stranger things have happened.


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