Mira’s Cowl (scarf)

Been slacking On writing blog post But I’ve been trying to get knitted projects done admist babysitting my twin toddler niece and nephew. I did manage to complete three projects. The first:


Another Easy Peasy hat in lime green or Parrot as the Knit Picks ball band called it.


A scarf in garter stitch and seamed at one end to make a key hole. It’s to match the hat for my youngest niece modeling the hat above. Oldest niece is modeling the scarf.



Another Easy Pessy hat this time in two colors. I do not get tired of this pattern.

Currently I’m working on a scarf/cowl by Mira Cole called Mira’s Cowl. Very beautiful pattern yet simplistic. I hope it comes out as beautiful as I vision. I’m using Knit Picks Palette in Oregon Coast Heather. I am in love with this yarn! I wish I had gotten more during the Cyber Monday Sale but I really didn’t know what to expect color-wise. I pIan in the near future to get more of it.

Here’s a picture:


It’s a sand color with subtle shades of pinks and blues. Very pretty!


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