I have been absent

I have to start out by apoligizing for not writing but once in the month of December. I guess my being sick caused me to drop the ball on quite a few things. However I just counted projects and I finished 41 projects in 2012. That is at least how many I posted on my Ravelry page. I think there may be one or two more I didn’t put up and a few that I frogged but considering that in 2011 I did 5 projects I think I’ve come up in the world. Here’s what I’ve done but haven’t posted.




I feel like I’ve done more but can’t find the pictures for it,

And my current to do list is:
2 vest one for two of my three nephews
2 hats one for a niece one for my youngest nephew
a  shawl for mom
a pair of mittens for my youngest nephew
2 scarves 1 for a niece and one for a nephew

I’m hoping to get all this done this year. And although I have all that to do I am starting Mira’s cowl for me using the Palette I got on Cyber Monday.


I always do projects for other people I decided to do something for myself. This I will be starting sometime this week. I’d like to start it today but as I sad I’m behind on a lot of stuff so I might not get to it today.

Until next time happy knitting.


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