Yarn haul, projects, and upcoming request

I went to WalMart today. I finally got my storage bin that I needed for the rest of my yarn. Unfoetunately they didn’t have it in the color the other one is in so instead of 2 white ones, I have one white one black.


In it in a very disorganized way is all the yarn I own. Including yarn I bought today which didn’t  all fit so some you see is on top of the bins in the picture.

I also bought 3 skeins of one pound caron. One in carlet (red/wine)


and 2 in off-white.


In addition I bought 2 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver the 744yd one in black.


All of which is going toward two Boy’s Cabled-ribbed vest for my nephews. The pattern is by Better Homes and Gardens. One nephew wanted an all black vest. The other wanted white and red. I choose off-white and red and I plan on using some of the off-white too offset some of the all black vest of the other one.

More project updates and news later…


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