Uneven tension –should I frog?!

I have benn working on the Saroyan for a friend. It’s been slow but, steady progress. But tonight while working on it I noticed these weird lines forming every  so many stitches and rows in the fabric. Its obvious tension issues. This is my first big project doing continental knitting and I am still getting use to how to keep my tension even but, apparently its not working. What should I do? Should I rip the whole thing out and start over doing it the english style? Or should I  keep going and hope it blocks out when I steam it.


Fyi I made a test mitten from a pattern I plan on doing for my niece and blocked that and it looks better than before. So the blocking thing is entirely possible. Help! What should I do? Does it look bad?


4 thoughts on “Uneven tension –should I frog?!

    1. Thanks for that. I was giving serious thought to ripping it out. Thank you for calling it beautiful, I am hoping to have it done by the end of this month


  1. No! It’s wonderful and if you bought it at a store you would pay extra for that look!
    If it’s part of a fitted garment, just block it as the pattern specifies.
    Now, if you can’t block it to size, that’s another story. You don’t say what you are making. For a scarf or shawl, you have some latitude….as long as it looks like it would fit an average human, or the intended user, you are fine.


    1. Sorry I thought I did say. Its a shawl for a friend who gets cold alot. I was hoping blocking would suffice but, wasn’t sure. Thanks for that. Never thought about what it would be like in the stores.


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