My Schedule

Saroyan is progressing better since I’ve decided a schedule for my knitting. I apparently need some type of structure in order to make myself knit projects I feel is taking longer than they should. I kept pushing the due date further and further back on my calendar thinking I would need a great deal of time to finish it. But when I sat down and actually did the math. (I hate doing math) I should be done with it about the 28th/29th of this month. How cool is that when I started it the first of this month?! Just 28/29 days of knitting and I finish it. I’m excited.


I don’t have pictures at the moment but, I will try to have some my next post. I still haven’t got the rest of the storage for my yarn yet, I might get it tonight though.  I did however make a Hanging Helper for my circular knitting needles. It’s really great. Works as expected and took me just a few minutes to make. What could be better than that? I won’t post a picture but,I did make it public so that if anyone clicks on the link above you’ll be able to see it. I just used some Red Heart Super Saver yarn and some other acrylic. Again very happy with how quick it was and how it came out.


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