WIP update

The title should really read WsIP (Works In Progress) since there are multiple projects currently on my needles and I’m thinking about adding more. I’ve had on my needles since the middle of September the Ka’ana Shawlette and I haven’t gotten that far when it comes to progress. It requires one to work on it for it to get bigger and I haven’t really been working on it except for maybe a row here or there. Not bored with it just don’t particularly care for the needles that I bought to do the shawl and I’ve lost my momentum on it.


I have on a set of dpns an i-cord string for a pair of toddler mittens. The mittens themselves are completed, I just have to finish the i-cord join and I prefer it to be lengthy but, don’t have the stamina to sit down and make an i-cord the length I desire at the moment. So, that project is sitting at about 90-95% completed.


On my size 8 dpns I have a pair of  Sausalito legwarmers heavily modified to mimic MiowMiow’s version on ravelry. I didn’t want to do the stir-up and didn’t want to knit flat so I followed her notes and am making a basic legwarmer designed specifically for the Lionbrand Amazing yarn. I am 50% done with this project. I finished one of the legwarmers last night but, have yet to cast on for the second one.


Which brings me to the point of my post. Although I have three current projects that need to be either advanced further along or could easily with a few hours be completed I want to do something else. I have a friend that mention she gets cold sometimes (she has cancer) and so I offered to make her a shawl. I searched through Ravelry’s database and came up with a pattern that I already had in my personal library but, hadn’t looked much at. After much research and looking at others pattern notes I knit up a gauge swatch in the pattern and decided I was capable of doing this particular pattern. Now I’m at a point where I just need to cast on and do it and I want to because I want to quickly give it to her as a gift and don’t know how long it’s going to take me to make. By the way the pattern is Saroyan by Liz Abinante very nice simple in a way but, complex looking on the border section.


I like that the border is knit along with the body so you don’t have to go back and attach/pick up stitches to knit it after the body is complete.


So what do you guys think should I cast on now or should I wait until I complete one of my quickly becoming hibernated projects? As I typed that I realize that as soon as I publish this post I’m going to grab the yarn and start anyway. I’ll have pictures once it progresses.


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