Reviews, projects and other stuff

All this time that I’ve been knitting I’ve knitted the english method. I’ve always wanted to knit continental but, could never get the hang of purl stitch using that method. So I did what any reasonable person would do. I browsed YouTube videos of different methods/styles of knitting. Thus I came across this really cool norwegian style of purling a stitch.

And thus this is the way I purl now while doing the continental method of knitting. It’s for good reason too because my hand cramps up after a while doing the english method. So far that’s not the case doing it this way.

Also, I’ve been working with some of my new items and I wanted to review them. On my needles right now I have 3 different projects. Using the size 6 Susan Bates Silvalume is Rainbow Legwarmers


I really like these needles. They are capable of doing magic loop which is what I wanted. They are sharp without being too sharp and, they’re a great size.

Next, I am using my size 7 Susan Bates Velocity needles to make a Ka’ana Shawlette

I choose to use Peaches and Creme cotton yarn for this project. As for the needles. I don’t particularly care for them. The cable is curly and the needles are blunt which makes it difficult to knit with. I would not buy this line from Susan Bates again. I’m glad I only purchased one.

Last but not least is a project I just started just a few hours ago. It’s another Easy Peasy hat using some yarn from my stash. I’m using the Chiaogoo Reds size 3 needles for this project. So far so good. The cable is flexible, the needles are sharp without being stabby and, I happen to enjoy the bend in the needles. Would buy this product again or the Chiaogoo Red Lace

So those are my reviews of what I bought. I’ll talk more about the yarn I purchased in another post.


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