Rainbow Legwarmers

I’ve been doing magic loop! Let me explain my excitement. Every attempt to do magic loop til this point except one has resulted in failure. Remember my post about restarting the Small Hills Beanie multiple times? Well I was feeling more determined than ever to learn magic loop, get it right, and be succesful using it. Right now I’m using a 36″ size 6 circular knitting needle and working on Karmen’s (6-yr-olds) legwarmers. She wanted rainbow colored yarn and as always Ravelry had the perfect pattern. Rainbow Legwarmers is the name of the pattern and I just got finished with the first set of ribbing. I’m concerned they may be to big on her but, mom says they should be slouchy/baggy not tight so we’ll see how they come out. All six of my nieces and nephews come over next week so I will be able to try them on her then. That’s of course with the plan for them to be finished  by then.

I love the color of the yarn but, I’m not to thrilled with how the yarn feels. It feels like paper to me. I hope it softens up; perhaps after a wash. Would I buy this yarn again? It’s hard to say. I just love the colors. Hopefully she likes them as well. As for pictueres? Okay I’ll give you one.

beautiful yarn isn't it?

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