My goodies arrived!

I’m so excited I can’t contain myself. I’ve been tracking online every single seemingly second of the day my shipment progress waiting to see if it had arrived yet. Early this morning it said it was on the truck or “out for delivery” I was too giddy. When I checked back again and saw that it had been delivered but wasn’t at my door step I got nervous and anxious; thinking they had delivered it to the wrong house. Mom went to check the mailbox and apparently we have a box just for boxes (if that makes sense). We just moved so we didn’t know that.

Coming back she yelled out something about “…delivered” and that’s all I caught so I thought she was asking had it been delivered not that it had been delivered. I was so happy when she got out of the car and pulled out a brown box with her. I took pictures of my goodies.

Here’s the box
Opened box
Box without the plastic in it
Items on the table

I ordered:

Bernat Mosaic Calypso yarn 2 skeins each totaling 418yds/200g.

ChiaoGoo Reds circular needles size 2 and 3 – 40″ each

Susan Bates Velocity circular needle size 7 – supposedly 40″ as well but the package says 39.4″

Susan Bates Silvalume Aluminum circular needle size 6 – 36″

Those are my goodies. I’m about to go make legwarmers using the magic loop method and the size 6 Silvalume aluminum and the Bernat Mosaic Calypso yarn.



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