Finished my nieces fall/winter hat

As the title says I finished my nieces fall/winter hat. Still working on Wooded Denim so no pictures of that right now. I’ve just sort of being lagging on it wanting to work on other projects. It takes me so long to get through a pattern repeat I only do one a day. Which is my fault for making it so big but, that’s what I love about it. With it’s big self.

Anyways on to the title. My nieces Small Hills beanie has been completed. I asked her did she want a slouchy hat or a beanie and she said she wanted a beanie. Honestly, I think it came out too short but, I haven’t tried it on her yet so it might fit her head a lot better than my own. I really wish she would have wanted the slouchy hat because that’s the whole reason I fell in love with the pattern in the first place. Maybe I’ll make another and give it to her little sister or something. I would definitely do the pattern again but, as my notes on my Ravelry page says, I would do two repeats of the lace pattern before going on to the crown whether it’s beanie style or slouchy.

Enough chatter. Here’s a photo:



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